Crime and Corruption

  • Evaluate and monitor government departments.
  • Adopt the 'back to basics' approach which will rebuild the South African Police Service and improve all the under-performing police stations.
  • Hold municipalities accountable, conduct unannounced site visits to government-funded projects and assist struggling municipalities.
  • Implement the recommendations of the Presidential Review Commission on State-Owned Enterprises, which outline how state institutions should be managed.
  • Urge the police to defend themselves when attacked within the confines of the law.


  • Stabilise the labor market by reducing the length of strikes and eliminating violence during strikes while action is being finalised.
  • Appeal to the mining sector to implement the agreement under the declaration to save jobs signed in 2015.
  • Empower small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) to accelerate their growth.
  • Urge big businesses to partner with new manufacturers, including businesses owned by women and the youth, as part of broadening the ownership and control of the economy.

Social Cohesion (racism and xenophobia)

  • Human Rights Day, 21 March, will be commemorated as the National Day Against Racism this year, and will be used to lay the foundation for a long-term programme of building a non-racial society.
  • Continue to support peace and security and regional economic integration through participation in the African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) initiatives.

Social Services (education, health and housing)

  • Appoint a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into higher education, and ensure all stakeholders cooperate with the Commission and help ensure its success.
  • Launch a project aimed at establishing a center of excellence for financial services and leadership training with the Banking Association of South Africa.
  • Revive the prevention campaigns for the youth by the Minister of Health.
  • Supply anti-retroviral drugs to the Department of Health from the 2016/17 financial year by the state-owned pharmaceutical company Ketlaphela.
  • Improve health care for everyone in South Africa.
  • Reopen land claims for people who had missed the 1998 deadline.