Crime and Corruption

  • Fight crime through community mobilisation and cooperation.

  • Continue engaging in community mobilisation with SAPS through the anti-crime programmes, which includes crime awareness campaigns, Imbizos, exhibitions and schools visits.

  • Re-launch the Anti-Corruption Forum in the province.


  • Commit to ensure that 10% of government procurement goes to SMMEs and Cooperatives.

  • Capacitate 200 community-based organisations (CBOs).

Social Cohesion (racism and xenophobia)

  • Re-commit to work with the youth, both organised and unorganised, to put in place programmes that will make freedom and democracy more meaningful.

  • Resuscitate both the Literary Competition and the Literary Awards.

Social Services (education, health and housing)

  • Train 50 South Africans in China on how to build the cement plant like the one already built in the province.

  • Address critical issues such as inappropriate school infrastructure, repairs to storm damaged schools, provisioning of additional classrooms to areas experiencing growth, and provisioning of water and sanitation in all our schools.

  • Focus on teacher development with more emphasis on subject content, methodology and assessment in all of the districts.

  • Prioritise and give attention to maths, science and technology subjects.

  • Purchase more ambulances, including Planned Patient Transport and mobile clinics to assist in those areas where the provinces still has shortages.

  • Eradicate preventable deaths.