Crime and Corruption

  • Change the leadership of departments and agencies that show serial poor performance.
  • Introduce a procurement policy which will help achieve genuine black economic empowerment in all sectors without bribery and corruption.
  • Conduct un-announced visits to police stations.
  • Support the Memeza Community Police Alarm system developed by Ms Rirhundzu Munisi.


  • Promote industrial clusters for firms and businesses that are involved in complementary activities.
  • Support township entrepreneurs in the automotive sector.
  • Provide additional incentives through effective land use and build industrial infrastructure for specific clusters of sectors and industries located in different development corridors.
  • Create more than 9,000 jobs with the introduction of 48 new Gautrains.  

Social Cohesion (racism and xenophobia)

  • Build a society free from racism and xenophobia by appointing a group of eminent persons who will work with various civil society initiatives to open honest and constructive conversations.
  • Restore hope and build unity among the people of Gauteng.
  • Spend more time on the ground solving problems with communities including unblocking delivery of infrastructure projects.
  • Create platforms with people from diverse backgrounds and localities where they can interact and compete in different sporting codes.

Social Services (education, health and housing)

  • Introduce the e-learning system to classes and schools.
  • Increase the bursary, learnerships and internships funds to R1 billion in orders to equip youth with necessary skills and work experience. 
  • Spend close to R30 million which will help contribute to the education of children from poor households.
  • Turn around public health care facilities to meet the norms and standards of an ideal clinic.
  • Digitise patient files in all public hospitals in Gauteng by 2019.
  • Deliver mega human settlements and post-apartheid cities, which will also include student accommodation. 
  • Speed up the handing over of completed houses and renovated hostels.