Each year the national and provincial governments, through addresses made by the national president and premier of each province, provide an overview of conditions affecting the country and their respective provinces. These speeches, known as state of the nation and state of the province addresses, offer the national and provincial governments an opportunity to describe their accomplishments to date and to outline their future plans for improving governance and service delivery. Throughout these addresses, many commitments are made by the national and provincial governments, thus allowing citizens to understand government plans and to hold government accountable for fulfilling those plans.

The pages listed on the left, one for the national address and one each for South Africa's nine provinces, list some of the major commitments made in the 2016 state of the nation and state of the province addresses. Commitments are identified across major areas, including Crime & Corruption, Employment, Social Cohesion and Social Services. These lists are not all inclusive of all commitments, therefore copies of 2016 state of the nation and each state of the province address are included on the right side of the page.