Crime and Corruption

  • Ensure that every council in which the UDM serves or governs will enhance their role in community safety.
  • Advocate for local community safety organisations to be empowered.
  • Engage the South African Police Services to bring satellite police stations closer to communities.
  • Ensure that competent valuators are appointed and will institute fair and equitable rates.


  • Ensure that councils turn all their efforts towards stimulating and promoting local economic development.
  • Promote the creation of jobs and eradicate poverty.
  • Form partnerships with local communities and businesses to stimulate the local economy.
  • Strive to create local business environments that support the Youth, women and people with disabilities to be entrepreneurs.
  • Recruit competent people to fill the many existing vacancies.

Social Cohesion (race and xenophobia)

  • Institute sustainable development councils (SDCs), which are representative of the community, including councillors, key state departments (such as land affairs, water and environment, health, human settlements, rural development and public works), traditional leaders, non-governmental organisations, religious groupings as well as the youth, women and people with disabilities

Social Services (education, health and housing)

  • Liaise with the relevant state departments to ensure that community health is a priority.
  • Ensure that communities have access to testing, counselling and treatment for HIV/Aids and other chronic illnesses.
  • Promote adequate health services and hygiene.
  • Provide every household in the community with access to clean, reliable water and sanitation.
  • Halt the current process of excessive property rates that stifle development and make it even more expensive for people to own their own homes or start small businesses.
  • Make adequate housing, in conjunction with provincial and national authorities, one of the highest priorities in those councils where we govern.