Crime and Corruption

  • Drive good governance in every municipality.
  • Respect the rule of law and create security in your community so that everyone can be, and feel, safe. Our women and children should feel safe in our streets.
  • Select candidates who will work for you. All IFP candidates will sign a contract of good governance, which the party will ensure is adhered to.


  • Make job creation the number one priority of all IFP municipalities.

Social Cohesion (race and xenophobia)

  • Deliver services to all in the spirit of Ubuntu, not just to the few at the expense of the many.

Social Services (education, health and housing)

  • Speed up the provision of decent housing, without red tape, illegal tenders or false promises. Everyone needs a home, not just a few!
  • Declare the drought an emergency and to provide the necessary relief, prioritising clean drinking water for all.
  • Help you get food on the table, and healthcare for your family.
  • Speed up the construction of roads and bridges, to provide safe transport and to change the current policing policy with high-visibility policing instead of entrapment.
  • Partner with schools to create a better learning environment for our children.