Crime and Corruption

  • Be a transparent, corruption free and ensure there is value for money in every cent spent.
  • End cadre deployment practices and policies in all Municipalities, and all Municipality employees will be employed on the basis of their qualifications and suitability for the job and not on the basis of which political party they belong.
  • Ensure that all residents in the Municipality are secure and safe through employment of effective Community Safety Workers, who will guard all streets and work with the Police to isolate and arrest criminals in the communities.
  • Support street committees and ensure that they identify criminals and subject them to the criminal justice system.
  • Install cctv cameras in all crime hotspots and have a rapid response team to stop all forms of criminal activities.


  • Employ candidates suitable for positions, while training those who lack appropriate skills and experience to build capacity.
  • Make sure that each and every ward under its control municipality has an economic activity that employs people and produces goods and services.
  • Introduce programmes for local economic development which will primarily be centred on the local production of more than 50% of the food and other basic necessities consumed by the population of the Municipality. This means that a minimum of 50% of the basic food items such as bread, milk, meat products, etc. will be produced within the boundaries of the EFF Municipality.
  • Make sure that a minimum of 50% of basic goods, services and products consumed in the Municipality are manufactured, processed or assembled within the Municipality.
  • Create jobs through direct service delivery to the people through gradual abolition of tenders. Instead of giving a tender to one individual to repair roads, clean streets, and provide other basic services, the EFF Municipality will directly employ residents with decent living wage and pension fund to, amongst other services usually procured through tenders.
  • Insource all workers that perform Municipality work and functions and this includes; security Guards, cleaners, refuse removal workers, drivers and all general workers.

Social Cohesion (racism and xenophobia)

  • Encourage arts and culture to assist in the dissemination of information and to augment both social and formal educational endeavours.
  • Avail land for recreational and sporting fields and facilities.
  • Encourage Local Tourism through hosting of annual cultural festivals and conferences which will attract people from all over the country, the continent and world to visit the Municipality.

Social Services (education, health and housing)

  • Make sure that there is no school and no clinic in their wards which operate without water and electricity.
  • Pass by-laws which will expropriate and allocate land equitably to all residents of the Municipality for residential, recreational, industrial, religious, and agricultural purposes and activities with the principle of use it or lose it.
  • Abolish all form of informal settlements, dwellings and provide adequate informal settlement for all.
  • Provide housing standards with all basic services and allocate them for free to people who need to build houses for themselves.
  • Ensure that all Schools under its jurisdiction have running water, sanitation and refuse removal.
  • Start and support educational and training institutions under its jurisdictions, and ensure that they offer vocational and technical training programmes that needed to build capacity for the delivery of services to the people.
  • Work with Colleges, Universities of Technology and Universities to ensure that all students in their respective institutions reside in conducive and safe residential accommodations.
  • Upgrade apartheid era hostels into family units.