Crime and Corruption

  • Ensure that every candidate will publicly declare his / her assets to the Independent Electoral Commission.
  • Will not tolerate dereliction of duty, incompetence, and politicization of office, corruption, personal greed and the violation of the Constitution.
  • Canvass support for citizens to elect their Mayors directly to ensure that they are accountable to the People.
  • Establish an independent Service Commissioners Office in each municipality to receive complaints and undertake investigations or immediate interventions.
  • Maximize the role of community policing forums and neighborhood watch groups.
  • Destroy crime dens, clean up overgrown open spaces and provide adequate street lighting.


  • Establish community workshops with tools and facilities for affordable hire by artisans and residents who wish to work for them or to provide onsite training for young people.
  • Promote the interests of Children, Persons with disability, youth, women and older People in every ward by ensuring that ward committees have sub committees to cater for each of the above group.
  • Promote the formation of municipal based development and trading companies (MDTC) which will accumulate capital from all the citizens in the city through the sale of shares and the use the investment instruments to fund infrastructure projects, promote and support entrepreneurship, create profits for investors in the municipality and support local social programmes in the area. Each municipality should generate investment capital from citizens and use that to stimulate local economic growth. Municipal Development and Trading Companies (MDTC) will allow every person within the municipality to become a shareholder and participant.
  • Stimulate job creation in every ward through joint local planning and the creation of ward co-operatives which will work with the Municipal Development and Trading Company (MDTC) and receive managerial and marketing support.

Social Cohesion (race and xenophobia)

  • Develop and maintain parks, open spaces, and sporting and recreational facilities.

  • Promote the emergence of integrated, non-racial and cohesive communities through the sharing of knowledge, responsibilities and resources so that such communities can better combat crime in their respective localities.

Social Service (education, health and housing)

  • Expand access to clean running water, sanitation, electricity as well as ensuring universal access to basic services.
  •  Make use of alternative sources of energy for street lights and support same for household use.
  • Establish adequate care facilities and actively promote preventive health care.
  • Promote “co-housing” to achieve advanced environmental, economic, and social objectives.
  • Ensure that all informal settlement areas receive proper professional planning attention at once.
  • Support the establishment of community nurseries to supply householders and community gardens with expertise, affordable compost, cheap manure, and low priced seedlings.
  • Continuous and meaningful engagement with communities to give attention to early childhood development until a situation is reached when all parties agree that early childhood development is getting the best support that material and human resources allow.