Crime and Corruption

  • Councilors will sign deployment contracts with the arty and will be performance managed.
  • Awarding of tenders where it is unavoidable, projects and hiring of people will be done in a transparent and accountable manner.
  • Mobilise communities and strengthen community foot patrollers and police forums.


  • Fill all vacant posts with suitably qualified personnel.
  • Unleash the creative energy of the people as the driver of job creation and prosperity for all.
  • Support and encourage local farmers, community projects, cooperatives and local entrepreneurs.

Social Cohesion (race and xenophobia)

  • Pursue a policy of transparent, accountable and popular governance.
  • Engage with civil society organisations, traditional leaders, churches, sports organisations, cultural groups, taxi associations, traditional healers and professional bodies.

Social Services (education, health and housing)

  • Focus mainly on Early Childhood Development (ECD) education from 0 to 6 years.
  • Fight to ensure that the home based care givers and HIV counsellors working conditions of services are changed and they are fully employed by the department of health with full benefits.
  • Ensure that clinics are available nearest to where the people live, they are properly equipped, staffed and with medication to help the community.
  • Engage in massive health and environmental education campaign to raise awareness.
  • Provide bigger and quality houses for those who qualify.
  • Allocate plots for those who want to build for themselves.
  • Ensure that those who have rented houses since the apartheid era are issued with title deeds.