Crime and Corruption

  • Require councillors to sign performance and accountability agreements.
  • Ensure that all municipalities conduct consumer satisfaction surveys.
  • Implement anti-corruption programmes to identify and deal effectively with cases of fraud and corruption.
  • Hold corrupt municipal officials and councillors liable for the losses incurred by the municipality as a result of their corrupt actions.
  • Mobilise communities to play an active part in fighting fraud and corruption.


  • Reorient local economies to become effective centres of production, information processing and economic and spatial development.
  • Encourage the growth of SMMEs and cooperatives through centralised government procurement.
  • Collaborate with farmers to create better working and living conditions for farm workers.
  • Encourage local businesses to target young people and to take advantage of programmes to promote youth employment.
  • Strengthen structures of Local Economic Development.
  • Ensure that all municipalities develop special programmes targeting youth cooperatives and enterprises.

Social Cohesion (racism and xenophobia)

  • Strengthen public participation to ensure that all communities participate in municipal programmes and activities.
  • Promote a culture of dialogue as part of efforts to build a social compact for local growth and development.
  • Organise cultural activities where people from diverse backgrounds express their cultural identities and belief systems.

Social Services (education, health and housing)

  • Address challenges related to billing systems and enhancing the system to protect indigent households.
  • Intensify cleaning campaigns in towns and cities and increasing households with access to refuse removal.
  • Enhance the capacity of municipalities to accelerate upgrading and integration of informal settlements.
  • Expand the electrification programme to the remaining areas and rolling out solar energy in certain areas.
  • Speed up the provision of libraries and library resources to a further 800 schools.
  • Promote better collaboration between government departments, communities and stakeholders to accelerate the development and support of early childhood development facilities.
  • Implement programmes that promote community ownership of schools, colleges, universities and other public education facilities.
  • Promote health, preventing diseases and strengthening the delivery of primary healthcare.
  • Strengthen programmes against tuberculosis (TB) in highly affected communities, especially among prisoners, miners, ex-miners and their families; and in selected villages, metros and towns, early childhood development centres, schools and correctional facilities.
  • Work with the provincial and national departments to intensify prevention initiatives and expand the treatment programme of HIV and AIDS.
  • Promote connected and better coordinated cities and rural towns for sustainable growth and development.
  • Clean public sanitation facilities in towns and cities and roll out sanitation facilities in informal settlements and rural municipalities.
  • Address challenges related to billing systems and enhance the system to protect indigent households.