Crime and Corruption

  • Insist on skilled and experienced municipal managers and staff.
  • Ensure that those accused of corrupt conduct are speedily prosecuted and where found guilty they are held personally liable to refund the state.
  • Strengthen law enforcement by increasing police visibility and conducting more road blocks, stop and search operations and random drug and alcohol testing drivers.
  • Encourage and support community structures such as police forums and trauma services.


  • Employ more health inspectors to monitor small businesses trading in food to ensure that they operate in accordance with food safety and hygiene regulations.
  • Provide financial assistance and other support, where feasible, to locally-owned spaza shops in townships and rural areas to assist them to enter the mainstream economy.
  • Ensure that no non-funded local spaza shop owner loses business to subsidised foreign traders.

Social Cohesion (race and xenophobia)

  • Support increased municipal sport and recreation budgets for additional sporting facilities, activities, and professional coaching in under privileged communities and to promote greater partnership between parents, schools and broader community, to provide schools with additional resources.

Social Services (education, health and housing)

  • Give priority to basic service delivery by maintaining and upgrading water, sewerage, road and electricity infrastructure.
  • Ensure municipal-owned new and existing houses and buildings are, where feasible fitted with rainwater harvesting devices, grey water gardening mechanisms, energy efficient lighting, solar panels and geyser blankets.
  • Prioritise basic skills of reading, writing and numeracy to attract and retain skilled and experienced teachers through better remuneration, working conditions and career opportunities.
  • Promote the development of affordable housing through the provision of community owned self-help schemes.
  • Ensure that newly built homes are properly inspected and that contractors are held accountable for poor workmanship, including black listing repeat offenders.
  • Ensure that municipal clinics are elderly, child and baby friendly, well stocked, expertly staffed and service oriented.
  • Facilitate the provision of accessible transport for those who need regular treatment.
  • Improve home based care programmes with a particular emphasis on the elderly and those affected by HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.